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We all have a part to play

The church is like a body. We are all like the different parts of the body with important roles to play (see 1 Cor 12:1-30). To be a healthy and growing church body, each of us needs to be working together, serving one another as an expression of our love for Jesus (see Eph 4:16-17).

We need you!

Or more accurately, we need each other (see Eph 4:16-17 and 1 Cor 12:1-30 again).

Grace Church only employs a few part time staff due to the cost involved, which means the majority of our activities, projects and ministries don't happen unless we are all working together.

What gifts, talents, interests, skills and abilities has God given you to share with others? If you're not sure, ask someone who knows you well. Or, why not begin to volunteer with us to explore and find out.


We've all seen (and may have been) passionate people that hit the wall because of burn out. Sometimes it's because not enough time is given to enjoy being part of the church family vs. serving it.

As we rebuild after Covid-19, we want our teams to be resilient to burnout. That means;

  1. Not trying to do everything. Just because other churches might do something, doesn't mean we will. If we don't have enough people or resources, maybe we could partner with another church? Or maybe we'll do something, but less frequently.
  2. Building sustainably, with breaks in mind. We will always aim to build big enough teams that afford people regular breaks. We don't think it's healthy for someone to serve every Sunday without regular time just to attend and be part of church life.
  3. Pausing to rest. If teams reduce in size, or people are temporarily unavailable, we might pause an activity for a week if we don't have enough volunteers. In the worst case scenario, we might stop doing something altogether.

Where can I serve?

There are lots of opportunities, but some volunteer roles require you to become a church member first (quite an informal process). This is because some of our volunteers interact with vulnerable people, or have access to church funds, personal data, and public platforms. We're rightly protective of these things, and so require a level of relationship, commitment and shared values that come with church membership.

* Roles that require membership are marked with a star *

Safer Recruitment & Equal Opportunities

If you volunteer at Grace Church, we promise to treat you equally, fairly and consistently. We will also ensure that we're compliant with all relevant legislation and guidance around recruiting volunteers.

We are committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults. So, we will also follow safe recruitment processes and recommendations published by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), our local safeguarding boards and our advisors at Thirtyone:eight.

Here are the teams that need volunteers:

Grace Kids*

We need a big team to serve our kids (aged 0-12 years). You don't have to be a teacher! A passion for kids, being reliable and the ability to have fun are what we're looking for. We currently plan to use the Big+ App for our teaching content and resources to do the heavy lifting for us.

As this role is working with children, we'll not only require you to be a church member first, but also you'll need to go through some safeguarding training and submit to a DBS check (for free).

Contact Dave Keeping using the form below or directly via

Grace Youth*

We're in the early stages of regularly gathering our emerging youth (our nearly teens) once a month. We hope and pray this might develop into a youth group full of young people and we'll certainly need help!

Volunteers would need to go through some safeguarding training and a DBS check.

Contact Jez and Bex using the form below, or directly ( or

Grace Students & Twenties*

Check out our Students page to find out about the ways that we serve students and twenties in the church or contact Nick, our Student Coordinator directly (

Food Bank

Every Wednesday we have been pleased to open up our distribution centre on behalf of Stoke-on-Trent Food Bank. Two teams alternative each week, making up food parcels, welcoming guests that need them, providing a hot drink, soup and a roll and praying for anyone that would like us to. We have volunteers that wouldn't necessarily consider themselves Christians yet, let alone part of the church. This is a team that doesn't require membership of Grace Church.

Contact Bex, our Community Worker using the form below or directly (

Grace Money*

Providing counselling, advice and advocacy through our affiliation with Community Money Advice (CMA), the Grace Money team meet with clients on a totally free basis and have so far alleviated over £150k worth of debt in the five years we have been going. You will require some training, a registration fee with CMA (paid for by us) and a DBS check.

Contact Rachel, one of our Trustees, using the form below or directly (


We'd love to serve hot and cold drinks after our Sunday meetings again, but we need enough volunteers to make that happen. Church membership isn't a requirement for this team and it can be a great way of beginning to serve in the church if you're relatively new!

Contact Dave directly ( or use the form below


Helping to set up the venue as well as welcome people attending our in person meetings is a really important role. A friendly face who is willing to talk to others and look out for guests is best for this role and as our Stewards are some of the first people guests will interact with, we only invite church members to join this team.

Worship Team*

Skilled as a singer or musician and enjoy worshipping God with others? We'd love to expand our team and are currently looking for drummers, piano/keyboard players, bass and electric guitarists, but we're always open to new people joining with any musical skills.

Audio/Vision (AV) Team*

Running our LiveStream, mixing our PA, giving the congregation the right words to sing are all part of this team's function. It can require an early start on a Sunday (8:30am) and usually involves staying till around 12:30pm to set down. Leading the team each week (with access to our YouTube and Zoom accounts) requires you to be a church member, but supporting and serving on the team is open to someone who shares our values and identifies themselves as a christian.

Speak to Nathan directly ( or via the form below for more information.

Communications (Social Media, Website & Graphic Design) Team*

Creating and managing content for our social media channels and website, as well as designing graphics for our preaching series, events and flyers etc. As you'll most often have access to very public media channels and need to agree to our data protection and privacy policies, we need you to be a church member.

For more information speak to Dave K directly ( or use the form below.

Building Maintenance & Set Up Team

We currently rent our converted warehouse, but we're responsible for nearly all its upkeep. Those with skills to repair and decorate parts of the building are occasionally asked to help out. We also need support from time to time to open up for trades people working on site, and setting out the venue for different events and functions, especially when it is hired out.

If you could help with this team, contact Bob directly ( Church membership is ideal, but not required.

Special Events Team

Easter, Halloween and Christmas are often times that we hold special events for our community to enjoy. This can require some significant planning and volunteer hours to make happen. Anything from decorating the venue, to organising extra special refreshments, to booking comedy acts, arranging charity auctions or prepping quiz nights.

Alpha Course*

At least twice a year we run The Alpha Course to help those who want to explore the claims of the Christian faith. Having a few christians who are excellent at welcoming others, listening well, and facilitating questions (even if they don't have the answers) is really important. As we're exploring faith, we want to make sure that anyone working as part of the team also shares our faith and value so you'd need to be a church member to part of the team (not the course!).

Speak to Jez for more information. Directly via or using the form below.

Pastoral & Prayer Team*

We encourage all of the church to join a community group in order to be part of a small group that you can build real friendship with. Most of our pastoral care is undertaken through these groups, but some of the church (especially those new to us) may not be in groups and as such, we have a small team that looks out for others and coordinates and care needs or prayer needs as they crop up.

Some of these roles can be with vulnerable people, so may require a DBS. Church membership is important to be part of this team. We also have people with experience as counsellors, special/additional developmental needs and advocacy.

Speak to Aidan for more information. Directly via or using the form below.

Trustee Team*

Our Trustees are all volunteers and need others around them that can help, advice and practical support with finance, policy, governance, charity law and administration.

Speak with Laura for more information. Directly via ( or using the form below.

Find out more...

If want to find out more or let us know you'd like to sign up to serve in one of our teams, please contact us using the form below.

If you're not yet a member of Grace Church and want to find out more visit our membership page.