This Sunday Gathering at the Venue from 10:30am



Grace Church was planted back in 2003 as part of the NewFrontiers family of churches. NewFrontiers has since transitioned from being one big movement into many different groups or "spheres". We are part of the sphere called "ChristCentral Churches".


We’re particularly strong in the 20s- 40s age group at Grace Church and there are lots of children too.

We have a brilliant group of students from Keele and Staffs Uni as well as a growing number of retired people, sharing their life experience with us.

We want to be a church that mirrors Revelation 7:9; a diverse church that represents the nations. So we want to welcome you, whoever you are and whatever your story or background. Come help us build the church with your unique gifts, abilities, culture and language.

Leaders, Trustees and Elders

Grace Church is led by a team of women and men who mostly volunteer their time.

We have a brilliant board of trustees that ensure we comply with all the different requirements of the UK Charity Commission and steward our finances well.

A team of elders (some churches call them "pastors" or "ministers") have been appointed to lead Grace Church in our mission to the city and care for one another. One elder leads this team and is paid part time, but all of the elders work together to serve the church family.

External Support & ChristCentral

External support and accountability for the charitable work we do comes through our affiliation with Stewardship who audit our finances each year, as well as offer us legal advice and insight into charity law.

Our spiritual external support and accountability comes through our friendship with the ChristCentral Apostolic Team, who oversee over 200 churches in over 25 different nations. ChristCentral are part of the wider NewFrontiers family.

It should go without saying, but, for the final say on how Grace Church is to be led, we all look to Jesus as this is His church.

Our Beliefs