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Where we're headed to in 2025

“By the end of 2025, Grace Church Stoke on Trent will be thriving as a place of welcome, safety and growth.”

To achieve this we will:


1. Establish a culture of hospitality in which every church member plays their part.

2. Develop an integration structure that helps people belong and get involved in our mission.

3. Incorporate and celebrate our God-given differences in all aspects of church life.


4. Create a safe place for those with doubts and questions to explore what the Bible has to say without fear.

5. Coordinate our pastoral care to support people when life is tough.

6. Create clear paths to recruit, train and build teams in ways that achieve longevity and avoid burnout


7. Provide opportunities to develop key skills to flourish in life – utilising local expertise.

8. Grow in confidence, competence, and conviction in sharing the gospel.

9. Double the number of community groups from 5 to 10, with many newly trained leaders supported by the eldership team.

To help with the above, we also aim to have:

a) A staff team of at least 4 people, increasing our eldership capacity and ability to serve our children and young people.

b) A fit for purpose venue that we have either moved in to or have a clear plan in place to be moving into imminently

A fresh video will be added soon, but for now...

why not click on the live streamed video below? (skip to 57mins) to unpack what this vision means in greater detail...

Hear the elders unpack our vision...