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Nath and Rachel

Nathan is one of our Trustees and also heads up our AV team.

Rachel is also one of our Trustees, Church Treasurer

and part of the GraceMoney team.


Bob is one of our Trustees with responsibilities that

include the maintenance of our venue.

Sarah & Tom

Sarah & Tom lead a community group

and "Families Grown by Adoption"

(a support group for adoptive families

in and around Stoke on Trent).

Sarah also leads our Hospitality team and

Tom looks after our IT systems.

Paul & Vicky

Paul & Vicky lead a community group together.

Vicky also leads worship.


Nick heads up our Grace Students & Twenties ministry.

He also is one of our Foodbank centre leaders.


Erik leads our GraceKids and GraceYouth team,

overseeing all our activities for

children aged 2-14 years old.

Paul & Ches

Paul & Ches lead a community group and head up our worship team together.

Paul is also one the elders, regularly teaches us and leads a Foodbank team.

Ches also serves on our GraceKids team.

Jez & Bek

Jez & Bek lead a community group together.

Jez is also one of the elders and Bek leads our Open House team.

Both are part of our preaching team and lead worship.

Esther & Dave

Esther & Dave lead a community group together.

Dave also leads the eldership team and is

employed part time by Grace Church to help with this.

Esther also leads KidzPlay

(a stay and play session for

under 5s and their parents or carers).