CHURCH AT THE VENUE Gathering BIG this Sunday with GraceKids, Refreshments & Student Lunch after! 1m+ seats available


Our Purpose

(Why are we here?)

Grace Church is not alone in the city. We are still a relative newcomer (est. 2003) alongside 150+ other churches in North Staffordshire.

As we play our part and work in partnership with others in and around Stoke-on-Trent, we hope to see "THE CHURCH" (all of them) grow and bless our city in such a way that we can truly say we are “building CHURCH the city can’t do without”.

Our Values

(How DO we do things HERE?)

As a church that honours the bible and is led by the Holy Spirit, we are;


Welcoming you whoever you are, whatever your story


Real, with integrity; the same behind the scenes as in the spot light


Expecting great things from God; attempting great things for God


Taking responsibility for each other, and the unmet needs of society


Enjoying life and enjoying God together


Everyone has a role to play and can grow toward their potential


Making genuine friends, who encourage each other to put God first